DbFace V7.6(20180304) Released

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DbFace V7.6(20180304) Released

Postby admin » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:17 am

After some weeks development and improvement. We'd like to upload the V7.6(buildID: 20180304).

1). Administrator sub account
Now, you can create Administrator sub accounts, so you do not need to provide the super admin username and password to your colleagues.

2). Application Version Control
At the application builder page, click "Revision" button, will display all application versions, you can click "Apply" link to revert application to other application version.
When saving the application, DbFace will create a new version automatically.

3). Tabular Additional Buttons
You can create additional buttons to manage tabular applications.

4). Quick Edit
At application page, you can quick edit application script, no need to load the big application builder page.

5). Many other style and render improvements.