DbFace V7.6(20180414) Released

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DbFace V7.6(20180414) Released

Postby admin » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:19 am

Hi, all

DbFace V7.6(20180414) was just released.
We have updated our download site, you can download the latest file from:

1). Mobile Access URL generator for Viewers
You can scan the account code to access your dbface viewer account by android /iPhone

2). Page view based crontab
For On-premises installation, you do not need to setup crontab now. For each application access, dbface will check and run cron job.
You can open config/config.inc.php and edit

Code: Select all

// cron job executor: pageview or crontab (default pageview)
$config['cronjob_executor'] = 'pageview';
// cron job executor interval seconds
$config['cronjob_executor_interval'] = 600;

3). Many style fixes for application