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DbFace V7.6(20180430) Released

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:14 am
by admin

We uploaded the latest build V7.6(20180430) that fixed some issues

1). "Keep me signed in" option in the Login page not work
When this option checked, DbFace will save your username and password into client cookie. Once you open the Login page, DbFace will redirect you to the DbFace control panel directly. No need to input the username and password again.

You can click the "Sign Out" menu to clean the client cookie.

2). Improved the Story application (Tab Mode) appearance

3). Add audit log page
DbFace will save dbface audit information into this page, so you can always check the system status to prevent unexpected access.

4). Input in Form auto complete option

5). Other application style fixes.